Last update: June 2024.

Trekking for 1-2 days in Cinque Terre

Trekking enthusiasts, please check carefully the map! The walking route options for all the villages are marked with blue colour (open trails only). You can find the list of all the routes available, starting from the most popular on the top, on the page “Hiking trails in the Cinque Terre”. Or just click the routes on the map. Please read more information and look at the photos, it will help you choose an appropriate trail.

Visiting the Cinque Terre in 1 day

Can you visit all the Cinque Terre villages within one day only? Sure, you can! Anyway, we recommend you choose one or two short-distance trails between the villages and it would be better to reach the other villages by train. Which trails to visit within one day? Depending on your trekking enthusiasm and on the open parts of the Azure Trail, it would be better to visit exactly this trail because of the limited time frames.

Visiting the Cinque Terre within 2 days

Ideally, you need two days for visiting the Cinque Terre. You will manage to visit all the five villages travelling on foot. We suggest you walk two or three stretches of the Azure Trail and cover one free-route stretch on the hills. This way, you will contemplate the Cinque Terre nature from a 360-degree angle! Use the menu to see the Cinque Terre trails photos and the map, which displays different routes’ options. They are clickable. You can find the list of the most renowned free trails on the page “Popular long-distance trails - Details with the map”.

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