Last update: September 2023.

The villages near the Cinque Terre

After looking around the Cinque Terre, the travellers wonder which places they could visit nearby. Here is the list of the most gorgeous places near the Cinque Terre. Look through the photos and descriptions and hit the road! We have found the most useful websites concerning the villages for your convenience. Learn more about them!


Distance: 10 km.

Travelling time: about half an hour by a boat from Riomaggiore.

This is the closest village to the Cinque Terre. You can reach Portovenere by boat, on foot or by bus from La Spezia and have a great half a day here. For sightseeing in Portovenere and how to spend time here, please see:

Portovenere, Cinque Terre, Italy
Portovenere, Cinque Terre, Italy

Distance: 50 km.

Travelling time: 40 minutes by train.

Do not take it for Portovenere (the names are similar). The village of Portofino is a local pearl, where you can find moored luxury yachts belonging to famous people from all over the world and no matter what the season is. If you are in the Cinque Terre, visiting this village is a must, so, do not miss it! Please see the website for more detailed information: Portofino -

Portofino, Italy
View from Castle Brown, Portofino, Italy
View from Castle Brown, Portofino


Distance: 80 km.

Travelling time: an hour and a half by train.

In the Cinque Terre you can be caught in the rain, that's why it would be better to have several additional days for staying while planning your vacation. Do not forget to check the weather forecast on a probability of precipitation in Genoa. If the weather is fine there, get on the train and find yourself on Garibaldi street, walking or taking photos with Palazzo Ducale in only an hour and a half!

How to spend one day in Genoa and what to visit? Please visit the following websites:

Genoa, Italy
Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa, Italy
Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa

Distance: 75 km.

Travelling time: about an hour by train.

Do not miss the opportunity to take a photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in your hand! Not only by the Leaning Tower alone is Pisa famous for. You will be amused by a huge variety of the architectural sights that are worth seeing! In close vicinity Lucca is situated - historical town, studded with exceptional buildings. You won't regret about this journey!

You can get to know more here:

Pisa Cathedral and Leaning Tower, Italy
Pisa Cathedral and Leaning Tower
Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy
Leaning Tower, Pisa
Lucca, Italy
Antelminelli Square, Lucca, Italy
Antelminelli Square, Lucca

Distance: 150 km.

Travelling time: 2 hours by train.

One of the most well-known cities in Italy, it takes only two hours by train to get there, but this time can be advantageous if the weather is rainy in the Cinque Terre and neighbouring villages. It's obvious that you will need more than one day to discover Florence wholeheartedly, but this time can be quite enough for visiting sights in the centre. Unfortunately, you won't manage to come to the Uffizi Gallery (you need at least three-four hours for it and booking the ticket beforehand is a must).

For more information:

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence

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