Last update: July 2024.

Where to stay in the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a little paradise comprising five villages, neighbouring with each other. Local trains are called here "the local underground", as they make trips quite frequently and the next stop can be reached within 1-2 minutes. It’s no use staying every night in different villages, booking new accommodation each time. Just choose the place for staying in one of the Cinque Terre villages. Which exactly in? Check below.


Book a room in the hotel in Monterosso

Book a room in the hotel in Monterosso

Most hotels are situated in Monterosso, which is the largest village of the National Park. Fancy having a beach holiday? Then, your destination is Monterosso - there you can find the biggest beach area in the whole Cinque Terre. The terrain is flat on the area of the Cinque Terre, that's why there are almost no steps. Thus, that's the attractive alternative for families with children, senior citizens and physically challenged people.


Book a room in the hotel in Vernazza or Manarola

Everyone knows about beauty and romantic atmosphere in those Cinque Terre villages. There aren’t a lot of hotels there, but you can rent a flat with all modern conveniences. Would you like to spend a great time with your sweet one? Then, spending time in Manarola or Vernazza would be the best scenario for your holiday!


Book a room in the hotel in Corniglia

The hotels in Corniglia can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but more than a half of the houses and flats can be rented. It takes just twenty minutes on foot to get to Corniglia from the railway station (the village is situated on the hill), still you can use a bus. The best choice for those who are looking for calm repose will be Corniglia, as it has the lowest number of tourists.


Book a room in the hotel in Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore is an extraordinary village, almost all the houses have two entrances (one of them is through the roof): from both the upper and lower parts of the street. The reason for that is a hilly terrain. There are very few hotels here, but you can easily rent a flat.


Where to stay

Supposing you are traveling with your children and going up and down the steps is quite tiresome, staying in Monterosso is the best choice. Otherwise, consider the available rooms in each village and make a decision depending on the price and recommendations from other tourists. It's highly recommended to book accommodation beforehand, as hotels here are in great demand among the tourists.


Staying in in a hotel room of luxury class in the Cinque Terre

You won't find any five-star hotels in the Park. However, there are two four-stars hotels in Monterosso, here are more details:

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